Shine Your Light Canvas Mini

Shine Your Light Canvas Mini

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We are all made up of light. Somewhere along the lines many of us have been shut down; told we were too much, too loud, too opinionated, too bright. Let this message remind you (and those around you) to shine your light! Your unique gifts are deeply valued and oh so needed. You are seen, heard, and loved. And when you know this, when you feel this, when you shine your beautiful light – you give everyone around you permission to do the same.

These canvas minis are perfect for those working with limited space (like a work desk, cubicle,
personal alter space, or college dorm room) or looking for a small but super powerful and
thoughtful gift. They come ready to display with a built in stand but can be used in tons of ways
including framing, hanging, and more. Buy multiples for a unique and inspiring gallery wall!

Made in the US