2018 Words of the Year Print
2018 Words of the Year Print

2018 Words of the Year Print

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There are only a handful of 2018 prints remaining. Once they are gone they will not be reprinted.

(Y)oUR WoRDs is a community-led, handlettered, piece of art. It is a lush collection of words & stories, dreams & wishes, hopes & prayers, woven together with ink into a living, breathing tapestry of boundless inspiration, intention, and purpose. Every single word and illustration will be hand drawn with love and intention toward the manifestation of our collective dreams and visions for our lives. It includes hundreds of powerful words, submitted by hundreds of beautiful humans. It is a one of a kind piece that was created WITH you and FOR you.

Prints are 11x14 inches, exceptionally high quality, professionally printed by Miller's Lab Professional Imaging on thick, luxurious classic felt press paper using archival quality inks, hand cut by me (or my husband). All prints come ready to be framed (they are a standard size) or tacked up immediately! ;) Your print will come beautifully packaged in a plastic protective sleeve in a firm shipping mailer via USPS First Class, always with a Tracking Number.

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