Listen Hardcover Journal
Listen Hardcover Journal

Listen Hardcover Journal

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My Golden Rule for being on the other side of a human telling a story is to listen actively with eye contact & connected body language, hold space by being a silent & open container, and honor what I’m hearing without judgment. I intentionally try to connect my light with theirs. People don’t need anyone else to fix their problems or pains. More often than not, we just want to be seen and heard, and loved anyway.

This hardcover journal is perfectly sized (just over 6x8 inches) for a tote bag or backpack, just
waiting to be filled up with thoughts, plans, dreams or daily reflections. The paper is rich and
creamy (70lb opaque text weight) with 80 college ruled pages (160 pages front and back). Use it
as a gratitude journal, bring it on your next vacation, or give it as a gift to a loved one. We all
need a special place of our own to write and reflect. This journal is the perfect place to do just

Made in the US